Natural Vegan Marché

Natural Vegan Marché

Date: Sunday, July 30th
Time: 11:00 - 16:00
Location: Shimayushi (しまゆし)
3-21 Kanda Nishiki-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 
Chiyoda Platform Square 1F

2 min. walk from Takebashi Stn.
7 min. walk from Otemachi Stn. and Jimbocho Stn.

Detailed access:
Takebashi Stn (Tozai Line) 2 min. walk from Exit 3b
Otemachi Stn. (Mita Line, Chiyoda Line, Hanzomon Line, Marunouchi Line) 7 min. walk from Exit C2b
Jimbocho Stn. (Mita Line, Shinjuku Line, Hanzomon Line) 7-minute walk from Exit A9
Ogawamachi Stn. (Shinjuku Line, Chiyoda Line) 8-minute walk from Exit B7
12 min. walk from West Exit of JR Kanda Stn. and Izusefudo Dori Stn.

Stores (28 in total)

Food & Beverages: 🍽
Shojin Futaba (精進双葉)
POS Kitchen Somewhere (kitchen car)
Linio (リニーオ), a restaurant specializing in naturally grown vegetables 
Chiba Vegan Chiba Kai (千葉ヴィーガンチバ会)
Baba Kai (馬場会)
Makun Shokudo (まーくん食堂)
TEASOBI Inc. Kimitanhouse
Yasashii Kurashi no Kakigori-ya-san (やさしいくらしのかき氷屋さん) (shaved ice)
Vegan & Organic Cheeba Shokudou
Cafe Musubi (Cafeむすび)

Salon de the Rima
Yodame Kitchen (ヨダメキッチン)
Kashi Utsuroi (菓子うつろひ)
Wanokashi Meguri (和のかし 巡)
eau pure (オーピュア)
Mameko Organic (まめ子オーガニック)
Taberu Ohana-ya-san (食べるお花やさん) yaguruma_sami (edible flower shop)

Cocodesign (生きた酵素のお店ココデザイン) (live enzymes store)
Veggie stores:🍅
Misora Farm (美空ファーム)

Grocery stores:🍫
Style Table (スタイルテーブル)
Kaori (かをり)

Experience and product sales:💆
Kodomo ni Yasashii-ya (こどもに優しい屋) (Child Friendly Shop)

Wave Adjustment Metatron
DNA Activation 
I Ching, Rie Nemoto (易経 根本りえ)

Natural Vegan Marché in July will be more “safe” and “secure”!
Gorgeous members gathered!

POS Kitchen Somewhere from Yamanashi Prefecture!
We’ll have a kitchen car for the first time!
People say it's the best and most delicious hamburger they've ever had!
It's the middle of summer, so we want to eat a hamburger!

Shaved ice and ice cream will also be available! 

At Chiba Vegan Chiba Kai, they will also be selling sweets from the very popular Hinata and Yume Cafe!

A large collection of safe and healthy food!

Natural Vegan Marché